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Dr. Devendra Kumar Gupta MBBS, MS, Mch Plastic Surgeon 

Vitiligo which is also called safed daag in hindi or white spots is unfortunately seen as a stigma in our society. Patients of vitiligo has to undergo great deal and have trouble getting married. They are prone to become victim of local remedies which burn the skin, such people invest so much for their treatment and end up being mishandled with no relief. It is always advisable to read in detail about your problem and do not succumb to local remedies or for that matter even doctors who lack skill or have no experience but over promise and under deliver. Vililigo leukoderma center is one which has given best results by developing surgical techniques which can cure the problem. Dr. Devendra K. Gupta is a single author of a book "microskin grafting for vitiligo" by renounced publisher Springer UK. This book includes Dr. Gupta's invented surgical technique to treat vitiligo. I am Shruti Director of Devendra Hospital (Vitiligo Leukoderma Center) and my heart aches when I read public forum of people undergoing horrifying stigma of vitiligo this motivated me to promote Dr. Gupta's work who has over 25 years of experience has dedicated his life in reforming and inventing new surgical techniques for welfare and satisfaction of his patients. His research work has been published widely in national and international journals. I encourage you to walk towards right direction, read more and get complete information about your problem. Make a right decision for yourself! At Vitiligo Leukoderma center we care! 

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Vitiligo Leukoderma Center is Dr. Gupta's hermits cave - Dr. Gupta dedicated his whole life for welfare of his patients. He is one of a kind and can be said a Hermit or Sage of today's era who continued his research and discovered new techniques in his hermitage keeping away from all kinds of institutes and university. He invented a method to completely cure white spots which lead to his single author book on "Microskin Grafting for Vitiligo". He is the one who has always worshipped knowledge and never ran after name or fame.

Why should you lose the opportunity of getting benefits from his lifetime toil, excellently mastered skills and incomparable quality results?!

Technique: Dr. Devendra K. Gupta has been practicing, Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery since 1984. Over the last two decades, various surgical therapies have been used in the treatment of stable refractory vitiligo, none of which are very popular due to their intrinsic drawbacks. The cellular graft technique is costly, requires a good laboratory and infrastructure, and except for being able to cover a wider vitiliginous area, the ultimate results are no better than tissue grafting technique except that these can cover a wide vitiliginous area. Thus no procedure can claim to be the gold standard and, consequently, there is always a need for the technique that gives best results without complications. Microskin Grafting for Vitiligo describes the technique of using small skin particles prepared from ultrathin or thin split thickness skin grafts in the effective treatment of vitiligo. The technique benefits from a good expansion ratio, i.e. small donor skin to treat a large vitiliginous area.